Thursday, June 19, 2008

WEFR's 11TH Child's Dream...

Okay I have to admit I am really getting tired of posting fire service photographs on here and I am getting tired of looking at them. But I need to put these up now since I have fallen way behind after the lengthy DC series. Now if I had the luck of catching jobs to shoot like someone else I know, I would not mind posting fire shots all the time. I am going to delay posting the photographs from steam day at the Maryland Museum of Fire last Saturday to break things up.

These were taken in Shippensburg at the West End Fire and Rescue Company's 11TH annual Child's Dream the weekend of June 7 and 8. Years ago Chief Randy O'Donnell seen a program on television changed things around and started this program. Every year the program fill up with around 25, 11 and 12 year old kids from the are. We occasionally get kids from other parts, like mine and Cumberland County Chief 33's that want to take part in the program.

The children get to sleep and eat at the firehouse and experience what it is like to be a firefighter. Some of the activities they do over the weekend include CPR, EMS, Life Lion, extinguishers, vehicle rescue and hose lines. Everything they take part in is well supervised and safety is the main concern. No injuries in 11 years. For fun they have a pool party at the fire chiefs house, along with a pizza dinner, followed by the batting cages and miniature golf.

Some of the kids will join as junior members, family members get so see what we are all about and usually walk away with a new appreciation of the fire service, some of them even joining. All in all everyone has a great time. The event is sponsored by the Keith Hess and Drew Micheal Taylor Foundations.

The event has gone over so well that the Marion Fire Company in Franklin county has been doing it for a few years and the New Kingston Volunteer Fire Company in Cumberland county held their first one this year.

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