Monday, June 23, 2008

Orioles Win Again!!

First let me start off by saying this was just a coincidence. Last evening at work I got a couple photographs ready from the Orioles game we attended last week for today's post. A couple of runs later and it's close to bed time so I figured lets check out a couple of blogs that put up the evening before (their blog clocks are set ahead two hours) and see if they have posted yet. Well, outskirts of suburbia pops up and I see Haney posted from the same Orioles game. This is three or four times we have posted on the same subjects on the same day by accident.

This was our first birds game of the year, it was on Thursday June 19 and a game we couldn't miss since it was Nick Markakis bobble head night. To make things better it was an inter league game against the Houston Astros so we got to see a National league team and Miguel Tejada again. The Orioles won the game 7 to 5 with the help of three home runs.

The top photograph was shot from the outfield in the late innings and the other was taken from our seats along the third base line. I will have more later this week but not necessarily the game itself. When we got into the ballpark we came across a couple of Baltimore City firefighters in gear their for a call. I couldn't pass up shooting them now could I. Also when we go to Baltimore we can't just go to a game, we make a whole day of it, so expect some from in the farmers market further up in the city.

Holly cow did we burn the gas going to Baltimore last week, besides the game Linda and Shane went down again on Sunday for the AST or something motor cross, bmx and skateboarding tour. He shot a few photos of that event that will be up later in the week. The Saturday before Skin and I traveled down to the fire museum for steam day, you will be seeing them later also.

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Haney said...

I've noticed this pattern myself. This is why I do my OoS post before I look around.