Monday, June 30, 2008

Steam Day At The Maryland Fire Museum...

Today's photographs were taken on June 14 at steam day in Lutherville, Maryland at the fire museum. As with some of my other shots recently they were taken in harsh sunlight. I made the trip with Skin to see the streamer work, if you look close at the last photograph you can see him in the upper left of the leaning against a pole. It was a fun day but I was a little disappointed, the last time I went was 2004 and the place was packed with hose reels, hand tubs, horses and vendors. The steamer even pumper to the Gorter water tower that was pulled by three big horses. I forgot that was the 100TH anniversary of the big Baltimore fire and it was a special event.

For those of you that read the Shippensburg New Chronicle now comes the time when I slam an uneducated reported that tried to be cute and screw the Vigilant's and WEFR over in the press again. The apparatus in the last photo are called hose reels not "hand drawn pumper" they were used to lay hose to fight a fire not pump water. You don't see a pump on them do you? And by the way the Cumberland Valley's hose reel they had in the Newville parade was not an 1859, in fact it may have never been owned by the company. The reel came from the domestic pump many many decades ago and was restored by the company. People should not write about things they know nothing about. I feel better now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

AST Dew Tour In Baltimore...

Today's photographs come from Shane, he recoded the images on his Nikon coolpix last Saturday evening in Baltimore, you didn't think I would let him carry the D70 around a crowd in Baltimore without me along did you. After going to the Orioles game a couple of days earlier and seeing Bucky Lasek toss out the first pitch, Linda and Shane found out that the AST Dew Tour was in the city over the weekend. A little checking and they had a schedule and a plan.

With me at work they head to Timmonium, Md. for the train, destination Camden Sports Complex. My only stipulation, be on the train out before dark. They were and it sounded like they had a great time. They could not remember who was in the top photograph, but the second one is Dave Mirra.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

BFD Goes To The Ball Park...

Did you know what a space filler is? Well you are looking at it. I have no story to go with the photographs, I don't know what they are doing and I don't know where I am going with this.

Last Thursday when we went to Baltimore to watch the Orioles we came across these Baltimore City firefighters in the park as we were headed to our seats. I have no idea why they were there and I knew better than to ask, more often than not you get a look or an attitude. When a firefighter goes to a call he is working just like the bank Teller, plumber, mechanic or corporate executive. He like those workers likes to be able to do his job without being bothered. When everything is said and down they become much more approachable. I ran out of gibberish, so as a wise man once said "That's all I have to say about that."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do Not Poke The Crabs...

This will be very brief since I have no idea what to say. Both of these were shot in Baltimore last Thursday when we were there for the ball game. The top photograph was shot in a market (I don't remember the name) we stopped at. It has been heavily worked in Photoshop, I hope you like it. The nest photograph is of my best friend L.L. Cool Shane we were sitting in a restaurant in the inner harbor and when I noticed how the sun struck him from the side I decided to try a few shots. Of course being Shane this turned into an ordeal as he begins to pose and make faces.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That Corn Needs Rain...

This photograph just came about by accident. I wasn't out looking to shoot but I don't go anyplace without my camera. We were leaving the Williams Grove Speedway parking lot a couple of weeks ago and I just happened to notice how pretty the sky looked behind the farm. I don't know if it worked or not but I liked it so here it is. And even after last evening that corn still needs rain.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Orioles Win Again!!

First let me start off by saying this was just a coincidence. Last evening at work I got a couple photographs ready from the Orioles game we attended last week for today's post. A couple of runs later and it's close to bed time so I figured lets check out a couple of blogs that put up the evening before (their blog clocks are set ahead two hours) and see if they have posted yet. Well, outskirts of suburbia pops up and I see Haney posted from the same Orioles game. This is three or four times we have posted on the same subjects on the same day by accident.

This was our first birds game of the year, it was on Thursday June 19 and a game we couldn't miss since it was Nick Markakis bobble head night. To make things better it was an inter league game against the Houston Astros so we got to see a National league team and Miguel Tejada again. The Orioles won the game 7 to 5 with the help of three home runs.

The top photograph was shot from the outfield in the late innings and the other was taken from our seats along the third base line. I will have more later this week but not necessarily the game itself. When we got into the ballpark we came across a couple of Baltimore City firefighters in gear their for a call. I couldn't pass up shooting them now could I. Also when we go to Baltimore we can't just go to a game, we make a whole day of it, so expect some from in the farmers market further up in the city.

Holly cow did we burn the gas going to Baltimore last week, besides the game Linda and Shane went down again on Sunday for the AST or something motor cross, bmx and skateboarding tour. He shot a few photos of that event that will be up later in the week. The Saturday before Skin and I traveled down to the fire museum for steam day, you will be seeing them later also.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekends Are For Movie's...

Who remembers going to the drive-in during the summer to see a movie? It was always a fun time, blankets on the hood of the car the kids laying there, hoping to stay awake long enough to see both movies and plenty of snacks. Unfortunately many of the drive-ins have gone away for more developments, like we need those. I remember going to the Sunset drive-in between Greenvillage and Chambersburg. The one movie that sticks out was the Apple Dumpling Gang with Don Knotts and Tim Conway, I guess that one stands out because they are tow of my favorite comedians.

We are lucky that we still have two drive-ins close to us, Haar's along Rt. 15 in Dillsburg and the Cumberland at Rt.'s 233 & 11 by Newville. Even though Haar's is much closer we still go to the Cumberland just because we like it much better. Last weekend we went on a Sunday night because it didn't suit us the other days. I have to say if you do not have to get up and go to work on Mondays, Sunday is a lot less busy.

I took the D300 along wanting to play more with high ISO's in low light situations. I took this photograph at 9:07 p.m. during the previews section, the camera was hand held, ISO 1250, 0.8 seconds @ f/8.0. I could have cranked up the ISO higher with no noise problems. Before you say it I know people go to the movies to relax and have fun, but playing with the camera and learning what it and myself can do is fun for me.

It was kinda nice to get away from fire trucks for a change. And by the way, that is not the sun, it is the moon, I should have photoshoped it out of the photo since it flared out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

WEFR's 11TH Child's Dream...

Okay I have to admit I am really getting tired of posting fire service photographs on here and I am getting tired of looking at them. But I need to put these up now since I have fallen way behind after the lengthy DC series. Now if I had the luck of catching jobs to shoot like someone else I know, I would not mind posting fire shots all the time. I am going to delay posting the photographs from steam day at the Maryland Museum of Fire last Saturday to break things up.

These were taken in Shippensburg at the West End Fire and Rescue Company's 11TH annual Child's Dream the weekend of June 7 and 8. Years ago Chief Randy O'Donnell seen a program on television changed things around and started this program. Every year the program fill up with around 25, 11 and 12 year old kids from the are. We occasionally get kids from other parts, like mine and Cumberland County Chief 33's that want to take part in the program.

The children get to sleep and eat at the firehouse and experience what it is like to be a firefighter. Some of the activities they do over the weekend include CPR, EMS, Life Lion, extinguishers, vehicle rescue and hose lines. Everything they take part in is well supervised and safety is the main concern. No injuries in 11 years. For fun they have a pool party at the fire chiefs house, along with a pizza dinner, followed by the batting cages and miniature golf.

Some of the kids will join as junior members, family members get so see what we are all about and usually walk away with a new appreciation of the fire service, some of them even joining. All in all everyone has a great time. The event is sponsored by the Keith Hess and Drew Micheal Taylor Foundations.

The event has gone over so well that the Marion Fire Company in Franklin county has been doing it for a few years and the New Kingston Volunteer Fire Company in Cumberland county held their first one this year.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Final Post From DC...

This is it, the final day of posting from Engine 17's dedication in Washington, DC. Over the eight days I posted you get to here a little about the program and the people that attended, you also got to see 22 photographs ranging from the apparatus, people and ceremony. I was not pleased with the way any of the photos turned out partly because of the weather, lighting and my own fault, but the intent of these post were to pay tribute to Jackson Gerhart and allow all of those that could not attend to see what they missed.

I really have nothing else to say about today's photos but I do have a question for all you bus drivers and riders in the District. I noticed the two paint jobs are different (and I didn't need my glasses) on the two buses, and that one says paramedic. Is this the way they tell the difference between a BLS unit and a Medic Unit or are they just two different years creating the different paint jobs?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DCFD Support Vehicles...

Today and Wednesday I am finishing up my post from the dedication of Engine Company 17. I know that a few of you look at the site in hopes of seeing fire apparatus so I thought I would cater to you for the next couple of days.

The District had a number of units there but with the harsh lighting and the position they were in they were not easy to shoot. I myself like support vehicles. Only big cities have the resources to have a big fleet of support vehicles that perform a wide variety of tasks. Or in the case of the city I work for we get units that have been worn out by other bureaus years ago given to us then we spend the next five years writing up why they are junk and what needs fixed, just to see them sitting around for another couple of years taking up space until they are towed out to be crushed like they should have been in the first place. Okay now I am getting wound up, did you see all the new police cars for Harrisburg in the news last night, not to mention all the hiring the police would like to do? Did you see what the bastard step children (fire bureau) are getting? No you didn't because we are not getting %(^@&*!

Okay where was I? That right DC support vehicles, this just happens to be three of the ones sitting in the area that the lighting and traffic allowed me to shoot. I really like the two TDA's #6 & #15 sitting on Monroe Street, I can only look at them and dream because they will never be a reality for me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Faces In The Dedication Croud...

As I said last week the dedication of Engine Company 17 will continue this week. It is a good thing I go to events like this or I would never get any fire related photographs. Friday I get a call asking me why aren't you at the multiple alarm fire, of course it was in York and he was just busting on me. Saturday as part of our fun family weekend we are playing games in the Colosseum having a great time, with my camera in the car while a couple of miles away they are going three alarms at a hotel fire. Maybe I will just turn the scanner off and forget about it.

In today's shots from the District Patsy Gerhart poses with the plaque at the end of the ceremony for everyone to take photographs. Patsy had to be tired of the camera by the end of the day as her picture was taken hundreds of times. In photograph two a few of the men from the Franklin County area take time out to enjoy the meal the DCFD barbecue team prepared for us. From left to right is Danny Byers, Crawford Wiestling and Bobby Monn. And in the last photograph DCFD Chief D.L. Rubin poses with Chambersburg Assistant Chief William Dubbs and Chief Emeritus Crawford Wiestling.

Since there is a number of people that look at the site hoping to see fire trucks the next two days will be some of the rigs sitting on the street that day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Legend Unveiled...

As we get to the end of the week I thought maybe I should get you to the reason we were in Washington on Saturday. As the program called it for this part of the ceremony "The Legend Unveiled". I am sorry I did not get a better shot of the group during the plaque ceremony, but I was shooting away and this very fat, rude and smelly man stepped right in front of me. Now I thought, okay he is going to take one or two photos and step out of the way, but nooooooo he stays their. Anyplace else and I would have made a scene and sent him to the bacon factory but this was not the place or the time for that.

The people in the photograph from left to right are Captain Michael Marsico, Company Commander Engine 17, IAFF Local 36 President Daniel Dugan, Patsy Gerhart, DC Fire and EMS Chief Dennis L. Rubin and Councilman Phil Mendelson, Member-at-Large and the Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety filling in for Mayor Fenty.

Don't go away just because the plaque was unveiled, I plan to post three more days next week from DC before moving on.

I would like to end today's post with something a little different, and that is a thanks to all those out there looking at the site. Yesterday there was 71 hits on this site. I consider that a fantastic day, thanks again. And I would be in trouble if I failed to wish my son SHANE MYERS A HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY TODAY.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Washington D.C. Engine Company 17...

What would all these post be without showing you Jack's house and engine? This is the house Jacked worked in his whole career, it looked much different the last time I was there, but then again it was to ride with Jack so that was some time ago. I think we rode the Hahn then with the Ford pumper running behind the wagon. The Seagrave runs out of the house now and was the engine that gave Jackson his final ride.

Jack loved all fire trucks and he loved steamers. There is a great photograph of this rig in a parade at Baltimore in 1973 being pulled by three big horses with steam coming from the boiler. Jackson is sitting next to the driver wearing red suspenders, a black helmet and a smile from one ear to the other. This Saturday is steam day at the Maryland Museum of Fire in Lutherville, Maryland. Jackson always enjoyed the event, I will shoot photos for both of us on Saturday Jack.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Speakers Line Up...

Day three of the re dedication of Engine 17's quarters and it looks like I will be doing five more days of it. I prepared photographs yesterday to be put on here and sent out to another web site that asked for some and it looks like with the two days of rigs these will continue until next Wednesday. I normally don't stay with one subject that long but Jackson was a special friend and there was allot of people unable to attend the ceremony that can catch up on it here.

I was going to say somethings about the program but I guess the best thing to do would be to scan it and put it on here also. The program lasted about an hour and a half (I think, I never wear a watch). Some of the speakers included Chief Emeritus Crawford Wiestling (center photo) and newly appointed Chambersburg Chief Terrence Osborne, who presented Patsy with a proclamation from Chambersburg. In the top photo sitting left to right is Patsy Gerhart, Crawford Wiestling, DFCD Chief Dennis Rubin and Monsignor Salvatore Criscuolo.

Stay tuned for more on Thursday. The one thing I noticed, not about the services but about the camera is the noise as the day moved on. I have read before that as a digital camera heats up the noise increases, they recommend shielding the camera from the sun or keeping it in an insulated bag, I did neither and while looking at my photos I noticed that later in the day I began to see noise in photographs that would not have had it. The other thing I realized last night was that I was shooting the new D300 body with features my D2X and D70 don't have. I complained about the harsh light and position of the sun but the D300 has a feature called active D lighting that could have made those photos better. Why didn't I think about that then?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The House That Jack Built Continued...

Today's photos from Washington are just general views to allow those of you that were unable able to attend to see what you missed. As we approached (almost late I may add) the two ladder trucks with the American flag in between was the first thing we seen. And yes for anyone wondering as I walked by them with my Deputy Chief from work I did ask him if we could get some that bend in the middle. I don't need to tell you his answer do I ? The second photo is standing in front of the station (on the right) looking up the street (the flag and trucks are behind me).

Once there I found many friends some I met when Jack suffered his injury, others I have know for years because of Jack and then just the ones I have known forever. It made the day that much better to be able to catch up with these guys, there is a reason they were Jacks friends, they are just good people. If you are reading this Elliott, it was great seeing you, it has been a long time.

Did I mention yesterday that it was very hot in the District on Saturday? The D.C . firefighter's were told to drop their dress coats. My Deputy kept his on he is the boss and he is older than me if he can do it then I can do it. Not to mention anyone that knew Jackson knows that he loved the uniform and wearing it properly and at the right times. This move almost cost me an embarrassing moment as I went through a dizzy spell and searched for shade and more water. Thanks for looking out Jimmy but I am still a hard head and would never admitt I was hurting.

As the week continues so will photographs from this great event. I will detail more information each day and plan a day of some of the rigs that sat around the area for those of you that like fire trucks. I also noticed that I had a number of hits for people looking for WEFR's Child's Dream weekend photographs, I promise that I will get some of them up next week.

By the time I get done rambling on I have no idea what I typed. I don't look back and check it that way I am surprised when I read it just like you.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jackson H. Gerhart House

Today's post and more than likely the rest of the week's will come from Washington, DC this past Saturday. I will not go into great detail in today's since that will leave me with nothing for the other post.

On Saturday June 7, 2008 more than 200 people attended a ceremony at DCFD Engine Company 17, 1227 Monroe Street, North East for the dedication of the newly renovated firehouse in memory of the late Jackson H. Gerhart. Just like Yankee stadium being the house Ruth built, Engine 17 is the house Jack built. Jackson was assigned to the house upon his appointment in February 1963 and worked there until his retirement in September 1994. On December 4, 2004 Jackson died from injuries he received while volunteering at a fire in Chamberbsurg, Pa. five days earlier.

In today's two photographs the D.C. Fire and EMS Departments Emerald Society Pipes and Drums lead Patsy (Jack's widow) to the fire station in a portion of the program called the entrance march. In the second photo, during the march Patsy is escorted by family friend and DC firefighter Matt Martenas.

As I said many more photographs to follow this week. Also for photographs and additional history of Jackson jump back in my post to last November and December. Let me apologize for the poor quality of photos, the lighting was harsh with bright sun that always seemed to be coming into the lens or from the side casting shadows. Not to mention the miserable heat that made it hard to see.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Couple More From Dover...

With nothing else ready, today's two photographs come from Dover last Saturday. The top photo was taken during the National anthem and the other was of the first caution. The pictures were taken from the end of turn four.

Now I need to find time to prepare photos for next week and beyond. I still have plenty from Armed Forces Day including a good weeks worth of posting on the photographer that was there. Tomorrow I will be shooting allot as Engine Company 17 in Washington D.C. is renamed in honor of the late Jackson Gerhart. I should also get some photos from child's dream weekend at WEFR also.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Friday!!

Okay maybe not for you but for me it's Friday, and not just Friday. After this shift I go on a 15 day break followed by going into work very little over the next three months. Even better yet I will only work one more week day daylight until September. Oh what a beautiful morning. I love summer time and everything about it.

I guess I should say something about the photograph. I photographed this German at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle on Armed Forces Day last month. It was close to the end of the day, no one was around him and I was shooting in close. He stops me and asked to see the LCD display on the back of my Nikon, after looking at it he replies I am a beautiful German take more photos of me, so I did. The interesting part about the finished product was I posted this on a photography site and the one person replied about how good the quality of light was. In reality it sucked it was a bright day blowing out all the back grounds. I just happened to follow an article I read in Photoshop User magazine in processing this image and it turned out pretty good.

Even being off life is busy, I have nothing ready for this site or my SFD history site after today, post could be hit or miss. I will try and prepare post for them but I can guarantee nothing. Since no one participates on the other site I will make this one a priority and allow the other one to sit idle if necessary.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Don't Know What To Type This Morning...

This is another one of those older photographs shot as a jpeg that had a green color cast to it. I tried forever to remove it with no luck, but after running it through raw on CS3 I thought I got it right. Of course this morning while putting it up it looks like it came back to me. I don't know if it did or not, my eyes are worse in the mornings and of course I don't have my glasses on and my monitor has not been calibrated. The lighting on the room is much different now then when I worked on the photos. I guess I should calibrate this thing since Linda purchased one for me at Christmas.

I almost forgot, this was taken in the Jackson Hole area in the fall of 2006. She was feeding along the road and I took it from the truck window.

As mentioned yesterday I want to give you the links for two more blogs I look at daily. If you look at my site for the wildlife you will really like these two. The first one comes from Pennsylvania If you get the chance to look at it check out all his posts he has some fantastic photographs of Pa. turkeys and whitetail deer. I know I have already found some of his places on the map and plan on a few road trips with the camera. The second one comes from out west in the magical area where wildlife is abundant She is having problems with her system right now but check out her past work for great wildlife and keep checking for her new posts.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dover International Speedway...

I was going to post these photographs later in the week but Woody said he was looking forward to them so I moved them up a few days. This past Saturday my family and the Holtzman's went to Dover to take in the Nationwide race and enjoy a day out. Well that statement pretty much held up. The Cup cars came out and did a few laps of practice and then the skies opened up. Yep we got soaked. But we stuck it out, a trip to Walmart for new clothes for everyone and back to the race track to see the three plus hour delayed race, 1:35 a.m. and we are finally home and back in bed.

The day was being used as a learning experience for me. With a new camera body that incorporates different focusing techniques, I found it to be the perfect opportunity to shoot the cars on the track with the big lens and the different focus settings. Did I learn anything? Yes, that at the focal length I was using in totally overcast skies and night fall approaching it is not that easy to photograph cars traveling 130 plus mph. It was still successful and I got a few shots. These are the only two I have worked up so far and they are also a learning experience, both went through multiple layers in Photoshop, the monster was purposely made darker to reflect the dark day in Dover.

Over the next couple of days I want to give a few plugs to blogs I look at daily that you may be interested in. Brian's is linked to my site so I won't put his link in here also. The first one is a friend from Shippensburg he has been at the blogging longer than me. The next one is from Lancaster County, I have never met Woody but we have exchanged messages numerous times and I am sure we will be meeting soon. He is new to the DSLR community but is already on the right track shooting Nikon's (that makes him a fellow Nikonian) his site can be found at

Monday, June 2, 2008

Seward, Alaska Eagle Video, 3RD Try...

WOW! that was quick and painless this morning. This is the third time I have tried to post this video, is was going to be the last time also. Linda edited it a different way making it much smaller witch allowed it to upload very fast.

Now I guess I should tell you about the video, it was taken in Seward, Alaska last June. I had a whole post typed up for this and lost it after the multiple tries. This eagle was eating a fish in the bay, I recorded the video using a mono pod to steady the recorder. In one of my earlier post there is a photograph of this eagle in black and white that Shane took. I guess now that this seems to be working I can start uploading more videos.

I planned to make a larger post, but with the nice weather and a lack of audience participation, I see them getting shorted in the future.