Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Speakers Line Up...

Day three of the re dedication of Engine 17's quarters and it looks like I will be doing five more days of it. I prepared photographs yesterday to be put on here and sent out to another web site that asked for some and it looks like with the two days of rigs these will continue until next Wednesday. I normally don't stay with one subject that long but Jackson was a special friend and there was allot of people unable to attend the ceremony that can catch up on it here.

I was going to say somethings about the program but I guess the best thing to do would be to scan it and put it on here also. The program lasted about an hour and a half (I think, I never wear a watch). Some of the speakers included Chief Emeritus Crawford Wiestling (center photo) and newly appointed Chambersburg Chief Terrence Osborne, who presented Patsy with a proclamation from Chambersburg. In the top photo sitting left to right is Patsy Gerhart, Crawford Wiestling, DFCD Chief Dennis Rubin and Monsignor Salvatore Criscuolo.

Stay tuned for more on Thursday. The one thing I noticed, not about the services but about the camera is the noise as the day moved on. I have read before that as a digital camera heats up the noise increases, they recommend shielding the camera from the sun or keeping it in an insulated bag, I did neither and while looking at my photos I noticed that later in the day I began to see noise in photographs that would not have had it. The other thing I realized last night was that I was shooting the new D300 body with features my D2X and D70 don't have. I complained about the harsh light and position of the sun but the D300 has a feature called active D lighting that could have made those photos better. Why didn't I think about that then?


Dale Jr. said...

Great looking pictures.Also do you realize the years of service in the pictures that you took.

Jonesy said...

Just wondering , what does that feature actualy do?

Bradley Myers said...

Jonsey, first let me thank you for taking me along and in the previous post I was not busting stones when I said we were almost late. Other than the heat it was a great day. I hope you learned a few things and liked the diffuser.

The active d-lighting manages high contrast scene by preventing blown-out highlights (the flashing we talked about) without blocking shadows and details. Does it work? I have shot a few photos around the house playing with it but never downloaded any, they looked better than I could have done without it but I would think something else suffers. Of course I have not read anything negative about it. To late to try it in Washington I just wish I would have thought of it four days sooner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me along. I know how Jack felt about the uniform. Got to see some old friends (some older than others). Great pictures and it was a good day. TM

Bradley Myers said...

Any time Chief, bring Buck along next time. The friends are just older because we are older now.

You missed a great meal.

I hope you didn't get lost leaving the city.