Monday, June 9, 2008

Jackson H. Gerhart House

Today's post and more than likely the rest of the week's will come from Washington, DC this past Saturday. I will not go into great detail in today's since that will leave me with nothing for the other post.

On Saturday June 7, 2008 more than 200 people attended a ceremony at DCFD Engine Company 17, 1227 Monroe Street, North East for the dedication of the newly renovated firehouse in memory of the late Jackson H. Gerhart. Just like Yankee stadium being the house Ruth built, Engine 17 is the house Jack built. Jackson was assigned to the house upon his appointment in February 1963 and worked there until his retirement in September 1994. On December 4, 2004 Jackson died from injuries he received while volunteering at a fire in Chamberbsurg, Pa. five days earlier.

In today's two photographs the D.C. Fire and EMS Departments Emerald Society Pipes and Drums lead Patsy (Jack's widow) to the fire station in a portion of the program called the entrance march. In the second photo, during the march Patsy is escorted by family friend and DC firefighter Matt Martenas.

As I said many more photographs to follow this week. Also for photographs and additional history of Jackson jump back in my post to last November and December. Let me apologize for the poor quality of photos, the lighting was harsh with bright sun that always seemed to be coming into the lens or from the side casting shadows. Not to mention the miserable heat that made it hard to see.


Sparky said...

Can't wait to see the rest. Have a great week.

wefr15 said...

As Sparky said "Can't wait to see the rest" since I couldn't be there.

Cincy Bill

Woody said...

Great Photos, Look forward to rest..

When you can, check out my photos for today If you didnt already..The whole week will be on Old School Apparatus...

Dale Jr (Wally) said...

As I told you on Sunday,,you could put pictures of you in the nude and we look at them,,,yes them you would get some real comments on this site,,,right Bradley Charles Myers,,it's time to get up the street,,,,
Their right,,can't wait to see the rest of the pictures,,,The beer was cold when I finally got home last night,,,

Bradley Myers said...

Bill, I passed along the message to Cosgrove and everyone at WEFR. Thanks guys I wish they were better, bad day to shoot and just way to hot.

Dale if you don't behave yourself, I will tell everyone to purchase KME's.

Woody, I look everyday, even if you don't hear from me.