Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Kough's Quarry...

As Dale pointed out yesterday in the comments, this quarry is located along Route 641 as you are leaving Newville, enroute to Newburg. He is the only one that had anything to say, maybe I need to put out an all call like Kevin did to see who if anyone is out there. I have a good idea who is looking at the fire history site but only know a few of you looking at the photography site.

This was a great place to stop and shoot, it gave me a chance to play with my wide angle lens. If you look close the sign in the center says no trespassing, but I didn't have my glasses on and I didn't think they meant me. I don't know how these look on your monitors but I do them on my laptop and the colors look much more vibrant and the black and whites look more alive not as flat. Maybe it is just my home monitor, or I need new glasses.


Dale said...

you keep posting your pictures on this site, please don't break my routine that I got myself into,
your two sites,Kevin's site & then Bricker-Fogelsanger site to see if I'm still alive,, then check other site's,,I like Kevin & your site, because it get's me away from the Fire stuff,
Have a great day to all,,
Sparkey is sending me wildlife pictures also,,

Sparky said...

Great site Brad. I look at both of your's and Kevin's every day. When I'm away for the weekend I can't wait to get back and look at the sites. I have been thinking about start one too.

Haney said...

Don't Worry. Post it and they will view. I've passed this place many times and thought more than once to get a shot for my Wednesday postings.

wefr15 said...

I only know the local quarries that you can Scuba dive in!!! Great shots in B & W, I check out both sites daily. Love the stuff from all your trips.

Cincy, OH

Bradley Myers said...

Thanks for commenting guys, but you know it was the other people I was trying to bring out of their shells. I knew you guys were looking all the time along with the Byers brothers and a couple of others. Like you haney its always nice to know you are not all alone on here.