Friday, April 4, 2008

Heading Home For a Big Meal...

Today's is the third and final installment of the Amish shots I took last Sunday. I need to get to town or Lancaster county and do it again sometime. It would be nice to catch them out working in their fields or doing general work around their house.

Church has left out for the day and it's time to head home. For some of these people the ride is very long, there is only so many churches around and when traveling by horse and buggy it can take some time to make the trip. Now I may be wrong in what I say next and if I am then someone please correct me. This is just what I had always been told growing up in Shippensburg. After church the Amish head home to prepare a large meal, families are visited by others for the dinner with the women preparing food for a large number of people. Imagine if rest of the world took care of there own the way the Amish do. Instead we would rather kill each other and just be nasty.

I can only assume from what I was always told in the past that this is a married couple in the buggy since it is closed in. I was always told that when they are courting the buggy is uncovered and after marriage they can ride in a covered buggy together. Like the meal, if I am wrong someone out there please educate us.

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