Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amish Parking Garage...

Today's photographs were shot this past Sunday on my way to Shippensburg. This is something I have been talking about doing for a year and finally got the chance, my timing was off but maybe I learned something for the next time. These were taken around 11:00 a.m. and church had just left out, not wanting to be disrespectful to them they were shot from a distance hand held with my big lens. I guess I should try 10:00 a.m. next time.

This church is located on the Duncan Road in Southampton Township, Cumberland County. Yes this is the same church that was on the news last week a some ignorant individuals vandalized the building and shot it with paint balls. It would be great it they allowed an open season on people like that, although I may get busted by the game commission for bagging more than my legal limit.

I have never been in this church but it must be larger than it appears from the outside. I did not count the amount of buggy's sitting around it but there had to be over a hundred, not to mention the bicycles and probably a few on foot.

The rest of this weeks post will be from the same location. Maybe I can now get myself up and do project that I have been thinking about for sometime and that is photograph the country side and Americana in Cumberland and Franklin counties. Don't forget the photographs get larger when you click on them, especially the long narrow ones like today.

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