Monday, April 7, 2008


Yesterday I made a rare Sunday post saying that we had spent the day in Washington D.C. watching our Washington Capitals. The last game of the season has become a tradition for us, doing it now the last several years. This years last game was somewhat different. The last couple of years the Capitals were firmly in last place in all of hockey, not drawing any fans and really not even playing for pride. As a matter of fact last year was torture as there were more Sabres fans in attendance than Caps fans, they booed us and treated us like the visitors.

This years last game was different, if we loose we go home for the summer, BUT if we win we win the division, are third seated in the playoffs and have home ice advantage for the opening round. All this while being the hottest team in hockey. The game was sold out, the fans were pumped. Two hours before game time the line was long outside and growing, the chants of lets go CAPS were heard over and over. WHAT A DAY!.

More to follow on our fantastic day this week including of course the game itself. There had to be a winner you know.


Sparky said...

I don't care what you post. I just like looking at the pictures keep up the good work.

Wally said...

The clown was on the left,she should have been wearing the balloon's

Bradley Myers said...

I told Linda you called her a clown. Now you are in trouble.