Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kough's Quarry Continued...

I thought I would bring a little color into your lives today, and I just happened to process them this way so that's what you get. This is the small shed that can be seen on the right side of yesterday's photograph. I took this with my wide angle lens just a few feet away from the building. If you look close to the top photo you can see a label through the broken door. That label peaked my interest and upon further investigation this is what I found.

I like the black and whites better than the color photos, there is just something about my black and whites that is missing contrast or depth. I guess I will just keep trying and posting until I get it right. Or until I get to old to try and die.

One more day from Kough's and then I have an assortment of images planned for next week and the week after. For you train buffs there will be trains shots coming in the next couple of weeks also.


Wally, said...

That's great,,
yes Wednesday afternoon I took the long way home from Huntsdale to Ship,Ridge Road and seen 3 or 4 deer and was looking for my camera . it was laying on my desk at home,,made a few stops just to look through the woods,,

Bradley Myers said...

I get tired of driving the highway and being in all the traffic and stupid people. It is nice to travel the back roads. But I never go anyplace without my camera, even work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

Nice picture of station 8.
See you in a few.


Bradley Myers said...

Thanks Doug but I don't think Station 8 is this nice. Are you coming back this tour?