Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hershy Bears Continued...

Yes I know you thought after yesterday's photograph that the Hershey Bears and hockey photos were finished and that I would move on to something else today. In the words of an old Harrisburg wagon driver, WROOOOOONG!!

I had a few more photos ready, and well nothing else ready, with no time to prepare any, so here they are. I really kind of liked the way the top photo came out also and wanted to share it. We set in row four so we have pretty good seats. If Hershey would just clean the glass one a decade it would be nice. I guess only charging $20,00 a seat, $6.00 to park, inflated souvenir prices and your first born for food (I won't even discuss the price of beer), they can't afford to pay anyone to clean the glass.

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