Friday, April 18, 2008

Hershey's Goalies...

Last day of hockey photographs, I promise, really no kidding this time. Besides the Caps will more than likely be eliminated on Saturday and I really don't think the Bears will be to far behind. That will end my hockey season leaving me the long summer to watch my Orioles lose over and over again until football season arrives. Then I get to root for the Irish and Dolphins, anyone that likes sports knows what that means. On a high note Dale Jr. is third in the points.

Today's two images are of the Bears goalies Frederic Cassivi and Daren Machesney. Freddie has been the number one goalie for years and Daren led the team this year being named their rookie of the year. BUT with the young Russians in our system that the Caps drafted in the last couple of years I expect to see them both gone. I see Freddie staying in the area with his family and maybe taking on a different job with the Bears and Daren moving someplace else so he can beat us over and over again.

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