Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Game Continues...

Don't worry tomorrow will end the Caps game and we will get into something new next week. The top photograph is of Christobol Huet, his last name is pronounced U-ey. He was picked up at the trade deadline and has been nothing short of spectacular ever since. You feel as if he will win every time out. Numerous times through out the night the chants Hip-Hip-Huet could be heard. In the second photo the Panthers have control of the puck in our defensive zone with a delayed penalty, they scored their lone goal on this power play. And the final shot of the day is the Caps celebrating their second third and final goal of the game score by Alexander Semin.

Three more pictures on Friday from the game and it is fitting it should end then as we open our first round of the playoffs in the evening at home against the Flyers.

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Dale Jr said...

Bring them on little buddy,,