Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It Was An All Out Brawl...

Saturday's game between Hershey and Philly was entertaining to say the least. When I get in the mood I have been in I always love a good fight, I don't even mind if I am in it. Well with the poor officiating the AHL has you could see these fights coming. The on ice officials had no control over the game and allowed things to get out of hand.

In the top photograph Ryan Flinn pounds Matt Clackson 3:23 into the third period. This really wasn't much of a fight, it took place right in front of us and Clackson just kept ramming his face into Flinn's fist. He was smart enough to keep his head down and his eyes closed the whole time. I think it hurts the same weather you see it coming or not. Then at the 7:46 mark all heck broke loose. Daren (The Destroyer) Machesney stopped a puck just outside the crease as Jesse Boulerice (Phantoms) began to skate back Daren slashed him from behind. That started a fight that involved all 12 men on the ice and at least one that was on the bench. By the time the fight was over six players were ejected and 126 penalty minutes were racked up. It looked to me that Shawn Collymore of the Bears got the worst beating on the ice. This fight happened in our corner but with everyone standing it was hard to shoot, I held the camera above my head and just fired away blindly, a couple turned out okay.

There was also a fight in the first period and when the game ended the two teams had combined for 172 penalty minutes. And one Hershey Bear getting suspended.

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