Friday, September 11, 2009

Staying Close To Mother...

Can you tell I like wildlife and wildlife photography? I try to get the most out of any of my trips to photograph wildlife and for all the more we seen last month in Benezette I am getting quite a few post from it. This cow and calf were photographed right in town. It was early morning with low light and fog, yes I know that is what I said about the others but when we seen wildlife the lighting was difficult and it was usually foggy. This was taken from the cab of my truck, hand held at 232 mm, ISO 1000, 1/15 at f4. It is amazing what can be done in Photoshop, now if I just had a clue how to really use it and the camera I could get a few good shots.

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Coy said...

Nice shot Brad! Good composition and great dof, keeping both cow & calf in focus.

In my experience low light & fog is almost always the conditions present when pa elk are outside of the timber. And knowing how to work PS & the camera; its obvious that you know how to use both very well :)