Friday, September 25, 2009

More Yellowstone...

When I think of Yellowstone in the fall I think of the Elk rut. By now the Elk should be in rut in Yellowstone and here in Pennsylvania. I don't expect to add any shots of them in the water next week but I do hope to get some good photos of the Pa. Elk herd next week. This photograph was taken last year along the Madison River.

Tonight the Bears open their home season with a preseason game, today's trip to Hershey will be just one of many over the next six months and hopefully longer if we get into the post season again. It is Dover Del. race weekend also, man I wish they would add a few more hours to the days and a couple more days to the week. I could get so much more done or go many more places.


Sparky said...

Extra time is called RETIREMENT..... Like the wildlife shots.

Mar said...

What an awesome photo! I love the splashing water.
I hope you enjoy your time in Benezette. Please take lots of photos. I will look forward to seeing your blog and Willard's blog when you both return. Since we can't be there until later in the month, it will be so nice to see the area through your photos. I'm looking forward to a good report on Fred!!! I've heard he hasn't been seen in a while, so I'm concerned.

Coy said...

Lovely shot Brad, the splashing water really adds to an already great shot.

I do expect I left plenty of elk for you since I only brought digital files of reflected light home :)

Seriously the three days were fantastic with the rut in overdrive. Too bad our schedules didn’t coincide but you will have a couple of great guides in Willard & Buckwheat so I feel confident that you won’t be disappointed.

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