Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Owe These To The Chipmunks...

Thanks to the chipmunks, I have a few sunflowers growing in my yard. In my front yard I have an open gourd that I keep filled with sunflower seeds, the cardinals and other birds love them but occasionally drop them to the ground. The chipmunks quickly fill their cheeks and run off to bury them. Some grew this year right next to our porch. This one was the largest and the gold finches loved it. Not wanting to pass up a photo opportunity I photographed this one through the front window.

Don't forget this is Thursday which means my son Shane has a new post, go visit his site. And yes I will keep reminding people until the remember every Tuesday and Thursday are new post days for him.

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Sparky said...

HAd to look at the first twice to figure it out. Looked at it quick. Great shots.