Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sky Is The Limit...

Yesterday this site was silent in honor of Veterans that keep this great nation safe, past and present. From me I thank you very much.

Today's photograph comes from Philadelphia a few weeks ago. After the museum we went for a walk and numerous buildings caught my eye. Now for the artist non me language, I pre-visualized what they would look like before taking the photo, bet you never thought you would hear a big word like that from me. I don't know if the final image is what I was going for or not. I doubt I will find out here either, last week only three people noticed that I urinated in a wet suit. Now that in itself worried me, one that only three people noticed anything and that what they noticed was that I did it in a wet suit.


Woody said...

Hey Brad,

What type of lens did you use for this photo and what settings did you use???

Cool photo...

Hey on a different note, are you and Brian on Captain Clark's platoon??

Sparky said...

Nice pic, what building is this in Phila? What were you doing in a wet suit last week. Are you becoming an under water rescue guy?

Chuck said...

I noticed that you changed your signature to B.C. Myers. Were you promoted to Battalion Chief over the holiday weekend?

I like B.C. better. It sounds more artsy.

Sparky said...

No but I heard Friday that he did get promoted to driver for the Senior Deputy Chief

Brian Bastinelli said...

I don't even what to know what that's about....but I'm sure it's a great story!

Brian Bastinelli said...

Oh I like B.C. Myers too.

It reminds me more of the photographers names that you would see on the old wester cabinet cards...

Do I see wet plate negatives in your future Young Luke?

Bradley Myers said...

I guess I will start at the top and work down, that didn't sound good did it.

I used a Nikon 18-70 kit lens, I don't know if my setting were tech. correct but they were ISO 200, f7, 1/1600, daylight wite balance with the D70. I don't like to take the better bodies some places so I find I still use the D70 allot. I am glad you like it. No Brian and I are on Eiceman's platoon, Sam works nights when we are daylight.

I think this is the Comcast building. It is half way between the 32nd St. station and city hall. I was urinating in the wet suit, no underwater rescue for me.

No promotions for me, EVER!! If you look back I use BC when space on the canvas is an issue.

Brian and Sparky,
There is no story and I have no idea what Sparky is referring to in driving the Senior Deputy.

Luke can't do wet plates, heck he still can't figure out how to make his photos look old. I will stick to swinging the light saber. And what a day. Wait until you here about setting the boat free in the water under the new SOG #ohitfkup.

Dale Jr(Wally) said...

I got the story Friday night also,,
Driver for the Senior Deputy Chief,,