Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Presidential Race...

Sorry for the delay today, I tried to put a video up and four hours after starting it the video was still uploading, then it gave me an error message. So I tried to upload it to photo bucket but it turns out it is slightly larger than allowed for their site. So you get Friday's post and hopefully I will find time to get something ready for then.

This one is for the Cliatt family, looking out for you buddy. The train in the top photograph was at the Harrisburg transportation center a few weeks ago when we were there for training. Obama charted this train to bring him to Harrisburg. We tried to peek through the windows so we could not see much but what we did was fantastic. Could I ever travel this way. I don't know what it cost but the man we were speaking to said it was allot to charter the train, then you had to pay the crew and you had to pay Norfolk and Southern to use their tracks.

The other photograph was shot from an overpass in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. I liked the view and the posters and thought it would be a good shot. With the way the election is going I thought it would be fitting since the election is getting a little clearer now.

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