Friday, May 23, 2008

Present Military...

All this week I posted photographs of our armed forces over the last 150 plus years. As I mentioned before the event in Carlisle was just awesome and I could post another few weeks without running out of images, this is where I insert what Brian and I have talked about. The fact that no one comments, good or bad but I will let it slide this week since like my wife says I am just a miserable sob anyways. Honestly, this week was like being at work, I felt good about my photos but it was like urinating in a wet suit I got a warm sensation all over but nobody noticed.

This was an afternoon demonstration by our present military called small unit tactics. The unit showed how they check for booby traps and clear homes in Iraq, all of these soldiers are active military and I salute them.

Next week a will take a break from the Army Heritage days and do an assortment of things as I work on the following weeks images and write ups. I plan to do a week on the Civil War photographer that was at the event. It is amazing what he does and it is also a good time for some photographic history since this is a photographic web site.

I would end this with telling you all to have a good holiday weekend but the way you enjoy your weekend is none of my business, so see you next week.


Woody said...


Thanks for the comments. I am still trying to figure things out, but at least I am making progress.

I like all the photos you have posted on the Military this week. My brother in law was just deployed to Iraq last week so they kind of have a special meaning for me.

I will be working this weekend, so I hope you have off to enjoy the holiday..

Anonymous said...

I noticed Brad....but I cant read so I just look at all the pretty pictures.....Skinn

Kenny Jr said...

I noticed too. We made our way to Carlisle on Saturday as well. We didn't make it until midafternoon and things were in the rap up stage by the time we finished the loop. Though I don't say much, I check you and Haney daily and even jump to Brian occasionally. You all do a fine job.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Brad I noticed and I don't know if I count because I get to see a lot of them ahead of time.

But I also noticed after you talked about peeing in your wet suit you talked about small units.

Is there a connection?

Who loves ya!