Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Were They Thinking!

The other day we had to go to the Hill station to pick up supplies and this is what greeted us in front of the bays. I would hope that the candy cane stripes were a joke and that no one actually had that taste. It was terrible looking and had it been on the uptown house we would have been embarrassed, but for the hill this may mean things are looking up.

The other photograph was taken as Tower 3 was sitting close to the train station a couple of weeks ago for training. When I seen them sitting there with the old and the new buildings behind them and the porta pottie they were dragging along behind them I just couldn't resist the shot. Of course all these photos look better in my head than they do in print.

1 comment:

Sparky said...

First picture someone was really bored or a sick joke. The second photo is cool looking, with the buildings and the porta john is neat following the truck.