Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life In A Foxhole...

As I said yesterday all this week will be photographs from the Army Heritage Day in Carlisle. Shane and I combined shot almost 600 photographs so even if we did poorly there just has to be a few usable ones in the bunch. I just want to give you a little bit more back round on the event before getting into history (don't worry there will not be a test). The site was loaded with re-enactors from the revolutionary period, French and Indian war, one from the Spanish American war, the Civil War, WW 1 and WW 2 including the Germans, Vietnam and then we also had today's active military present.

If you have never attended on of these events you don't know what you are missing. These men and women really love what they are doing and are very knowledgeable in the area. Quite a few carry the real weapons and not reproductions. Throughout the day in whatever it is the stay in character in what they say, how they act and what they use. These WW 2 soldiers dug fox holes and were eating lunch when I happened upon them. They were playing the part 100%, I spent enough time there to shoot them with three different lens including the Lensbaby 3G. I have had this lens for some time but have used it very little because I have had bad results. These guys just looked like they were screaming for me to use it, so I did. I was very happy with the results for the first time since I had the lens.

Now I can't take credit for all of it, I downloaded the images Sunday at work and was telling Brian that I had shot with it and thought I got some good stuff. For those of you that don't know Brian or look at his site he is a lensbaby master. He quickly said open that up in Photoshop and I did, he spent the next 15 minutes playing around with it and when he finished I said "B" I can't improve on it so I am posting it with your edits. So here it is for my first posted lensbaby shot I hope you like it, I know I do and this image and yesterdays are starting to make me feel good about myself as a picture taker.

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Brian Bastinelli said...

Another cool shot and a great start with the Lensbaby.

For those of you who do ont know the initial learning curve on this lens can be daunting.

This was a perfect application for this lens though and it was carried out quite well.

I am glad you like the post processing. I though it gave it a gritty Band of Brothers feel.