Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Hockey Photos Until October...

Today will be my last Hershey Bears or Washington Capitols photographs until there season starts back up in October. The Bears went out in the first round of the playoffs four games to one. We really didn't have a team to compete this year with all the call ups, injuries and key players that went back to Europe. The Capitols won the first round against the Flyers but the NHL didn't have it written up that way so the referee gave the Flyers a goal in game seven to tie the score after a clear goal tender interference. It was that bad they said Ray Charles was yelling at the officials that he could see it. That allowed the Flyers to win on overtime and advance. That's okay the Pens are about to hand them their butts.

The top photograph is of one of our young guns Andrew Gordon. I believe Andrew may have a future in hockey ahead of him, I know I expect big things from him next season in Hershey. The hair cut is something the Bears started a few years ago when we won the Calder Cup. I think we will see the Mohawk from now on when we make the playoffs.

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