Friday, May 16, 2008

The Old And The New...

Well since the video didn't work yesterday it put me in a spot for today. Of course the video not uploading wasn't the only thing that didn't work yesterday, everything I touched or came into contact with went south. I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia. We were heading back to the train and I noticed this man welding, I liked the sparks and smoke coming from his welder but even more I liked the lines of the buildings behind him. The domes with the glass just seemed to compliment each other and scream the difference in architecture from years ago and today.

I didn't have a bigger lens with me and I could only get so close so I had to do allot of cropping in photoshop. I don't know if I captured what I envisioned, but it is what you get.

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Woody said...

That's a cool photo Brad.

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