Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Well Oiled Machine

On August 5, 2007 the Uptown, Wagon 3, Tower 2 and Captain 1; B Platoon Harrisburg Fire Department was alerted for an auto fire at the intersection of Cameron and MaClay Street. The Captain arrived first reporting fire from the engine compartment of a van. Wagon 3 arrived shortly after and Will Turner stretched a line with John Peskie backing him up. Leon Cliatt MPO of Wagon 3 charged the line and with the aid of tower 2 the fire was soon controlled. As always the well-oiled machine from B shift Station 1 was at the correct location to save the day. A repeat performance occurred again the next night with another van off at the uptown shopping plaza. These photographs were shot from the cab of the truck as I was pulling in.


Skinn said...

A well oiled machine with a few loose gears.

Anonymous said...

But at least those loose gears are always going in the right direction!!!

Bradley Myers said...

You wish you could be like us don't you Skinn. Are gears are always going in the same direction and I don't think any are loose. Now we do have a few loose screws, but that just makes us more fun.