Friday, December 28, 2007

Train Through Glacier National Park

Sorry for the missed day yesterday folks. We spent the last couple of nights in Disney hotels and you know for what you pay for them they still charge extra for wireless in the rooms, and I am just to cheap for that. Yesterday is just lost for this site. I plan to post a few photos from here in the next week including a series of where is Shane (like where is Waldo) and maybe some more bird shots and Disney photos.

In October 2006 I had the chance to go to Glacier National Park. Close to the entrance we stopped to scan the hillside for sheep and I noticed this bridge over a gorge. Lucky for me liking train a BNSF, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe train crossed carrying intermodal containers.

The BNSF is one of four remaining transcontinental railroads left and one of the largest railroad networks in North America, the Union Pacific is the only one larger in size.

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