Monday, December 10, 2007

I’m Coming Down

This is the same bear from yesterday’s post. He has a full belly and is coming down, QUICK EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! You think I am kidding but I must have spent too much time around the bears in the last few years or just became obsessed with them. A couple of weeks ago at work I was very happy to get out of bed for a run because it saved my life, I was running from a black bear and I know I was only going to stay in front of him for a short time. I woke up breathing heavy and sweating.

I did go back and check the photographs and we watched this bear eat its way down from the top; he is almost on the ground at this point. This photograph was taken 30 minutes after the one in yesterday’s post. The following day we were back in the same location but this time to watch the mother and her two cubs in the snow.


Wally World said...

I know you don't get many comments on this site.
But this one is better then the other one. Great pictures of the wldlife, & sites from out west.
It would be great to see some on the Boy Scout trip you took this past fall.

Bradley Myers said...

Thanks Wally, I like this one better also because it attracts a different group of viewers. I am not sure what Boy Scout trip you are referring to, we went to roto fest but that was not a good photo oportunity.

Wally said...

Maybe that the trip that you talk to me about,,,