Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have A Coke And A Smile

Today's photograph is a little different than what I am used to posting. Shane took this photo our last full day in Alaska. Within walking distance of our camp ground was the train transportation center. Liking trains we went to shoot a few, but on the way there we passed an old but still operating Coca Cola plant. This old truck was sitting across from the plant and looked inviting. After downloading the images I did not really like any of them but just could not bring myself to delete them.

Last night at work I opened one of Shane's in CS2 and started playing with it. I tried things I have never used before and experimented like I never have before. I like the final results and more importantly Shane does also. I would love to hear some feedback from the viewers on their opinion of the end result.


Sparky said...

Well I am a true Mountain Dew fan, the Coke and a smile picture looks cool. Nice work.

Wally World said...

I can't wait to you get back from the South,,beaches & beaches,,

Haney said...

I like it. The yellow frame helps alot. But I'm a sucker for advertising.

Chuck said...

I heard you like to "experiment"!

I do like the perspective on the image. Did you mess with the clouds? They are a strange color.