Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beartooth Highway Self Portrait

In the last few months you have seen many photographs from the trip I took out west with Brian in the fall of 2006, now you get to see both of us on our trip. Please no gay comments from Chuck, I am trying to operate a non offensive site here for people of all ages.

This photograph was taken on the Beartooth Highway; we almost didn’t get to travel on it because of snow closings. When I was out west with my family in the summer of 2005 we had planned to travel it but because of landslides it was closed for many months. The Beartooth Highway once called “the most beautiful drive in America” by the late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt truly lives up to his praise. The Highway is the section of U.S. 212 between Red Lodge Montana and Cooke City Montana. It traces a series of switchbacks along the Montana, Wyoming border to the 10,974-foot high Beartooth Pass. The approximate elevation rise is from 5,200 to 8,000 feet in 12 miles in the most daring landscapes. I would like to be able to tell you just were this photo was taken but I don’t remember.


Chuck said...

One question.

If you are in the photograph and you signed the photgraph as taking it. How did you take it? If you used a self timer shouldn;t the camera get the credit for the photo?

Bradley Myers said...

Well Chuck, I made the setting in the camera, placed it on the tripod, downloaded and post processed the photo and how do you know I did not press the remote shutter release instead of using the timer, HAH got you there. Man you are a piece of work. I don't know how Brian does it, LOL

Brian Bastinelli said...

Sheeeeewwwwww....That goes both ways...lol

Lord help me!

Doug said...

Where is your right hand Brad?

Uptown said...

Hey Chuck and Larry, you guys look great together! How's it coming with nursing that injury? We look forward to seeing you soon!!!