Saturday, December 1, 2007

Moon Over Wyoming

I really don't know the location of this photograph but I think it is near the Tetons on the back road at the lakes. Maybe Brian will recognize it, I was only ever in this area once. I really don't know what to say either, this is harder than I thought it would be to come up with photos and comments. This is post number 89 for me so I have now used over 100 photographs. I have plenty but like some I have used already I am not very proud of them. I really need to get out shooting to come up with more images. I have plenty of things in mind like, water fowl, Amish, Williams Grove and fires of course if I had any luck. I guess for now you will just have to listen to me ramble on and look at what ever I have ready.

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Brian Bastinelli said...

Brad this is the overlook at Jenny Lake.

Yuo are right it is on a loop off of the inner passage at GTNP.

If you were to take the boat across or walk the trail in that little valley is a huge beautiful water fall.