Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Sky Is The Limit

Last October we were out looking for bear or anything else we could find to photograph. Our drive took us to Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park. Now for those that have been there you can just nod your heads but for those that have never been to Yellowstone the fastest way to spot wildlife is to look for the traffic jams. On this particular morning we spotted a whole bunch of photographers set up on tripods at a turn looking down the mountain. We know something has to be around but just can't find anything. It is the bears that bring us to the area since we had seen a black bear with her two cubs, another one by itself, a reddish brown black bear the Rangers have named Rosey and a grizzly that we just keep missing in the last few days.

Finally Brian yells there it is a bear!, where I yell back I don't see anything, over there in the tree he tells me, what tree there is a whole dang forest full of them, that one he says, I don't know if I seen it then or we exchanged the pleasantries a few more times. But know I am ready to jump out of his truck, but he wants to park first. The rangers don't like it when you block the road, so I stayed in and he found a spot. I don't know how long we stayed there watching the bear feed in the tree but how ever long it was it was worth it. The photography opportunity was not the greatest but it sure was fun to watch this bear eat and maneuver around that tree. I hope I get to see it again sometime.


hit_escape said...

Great fun. I think we saw the same bear around the 20th of September. It was right off the side of the road by the guardrail. I've never seen a bear foraging in the top a tree like that.

Bradley Myers said...

I went back and checked my data, this was shot on October 2, 2006 around 2:30 p.m. This was a first for me also. It was a joy to watch.