Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Am A Moose

Yes it is a moose eating her late afternoon meal. She was spotted north east of Fairbanks, Alaska on our trip home from Chena Hot Springs. If you have never watched a moose eating in a pond it is quite a treat. They will submerse their heads in the water for what seems like long enough to drown and when they lift their heads back up water gushes everyplace and the greens can be seen sticking out the sides of their mouths.

I first got to experience this a few years ago in the Tetons with my wife and son. My wife waited by the road while Shane and I went off on our journey. Every time the cow would put her head in the water we would creep up on her in a muddy swamp, when she lifted her head we would stop. This went on until we got pretty close and snapped a few photographs. Oh what a joy it was.

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Wagon Master In Training said...

This Brad waking up from that dram about riding the engine.