Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hold Wagon 3 And Tower 2 Return The Rest

As usual I really have no idea what to say, I am speechless. I am sure that got some of you. I guess I should just tell you about the photograph. This is the "B" Platoon uptown, Captain 1, Wagon 3 and Tower 2, November of last year. When conditions get dry this becomes a hot spot for us. This is on Forster Street heading towards the Harvey Taylor Bridge out of the city. As the carpet baggers pass by out of the city they pitch their cigarette butts out their windows causing fires in the tan bark. This particular day we found leaves burning in the storm drain. As usual the uptown 1 and 1 saved the day and the city.

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Skinn said...

your slippin.... you left yourself open for a shot,however I wont do it cuz
I'm runnin out of players on our team.......