Thursday, September 27, 2007


For me Yellowstone is the greatest place on earth. We first went there in July 2005 and I got to go back again last September and October with Brian. I will not say that it is the most beautiful place, that is reserved for Ox Bow Bend, along the Tetons not far south of Yellowstone. With any luck I will get to spend many summers there when I retire.

Both of these photographs were taken October 3, 2006. The first image was captured between Norris and Canyon Village. We watched this coyote for some time as he would find small rodents and pounce on them. Each time he would turn as if to show us his catch hanging from his mouth.

The black bear photograph was taken between Roosevelt Lodge and Canyon Village. This turned out to be a good bear viewing area for us. Each time we traveled this road we seen bears. This bear is a mother, she had two cubs with her that appeared to be about two years old. I know I said I would give the bears a break, but it is a black bear not a grizzly this time.

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