Thursday, September 20, 2007

Street Life

In November 2006 a young city man was shot and killed at this spot. Later in the month we responded to the same address when the memorial set up for the victim began to smolder when the candles burnt down to the railroad tie.

I like this photograph because I feel it portrays life in the city and our life as firemen in the city. The street has our typical three story row homes, the building the man was killed at is vacant and graffiti covered. From the fire department's side, the station Captain, EMS and an engine man check out the fire, while another from the engine brings the can. The truck driver can still be seen in the window sitting in his seat, the firefighter looking back is a Probie waiting for me.

We took the time to take the memorial apart, extinguish the fire and put it back together again. We still got cursed out by a lady on the street. But it is still a great job.

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