Saturday, September 15, 2007

Help Me

This photograph was taken July 2007 at Brooks Falls, Katmai Alaska. For a few weeks in July the salmon are at the peak of their spawning and the grizzly are hungry wanting to fatten up for winter.

Only the larger males get to stand on the falls and catch the fish. Below the falls the grizzly bears are in groups according to strength and size, the last in line being the young cubs with there mothers.

After down loading images that day, we had a good time with this photograph. Looking at the fish's eyes and mouth it appears he is saying HELP ME!! HELP ME!!. And if he knows what this bear is going to do to him that may be correct. This large male will only eat the skin off the salmon without killing it before eating the brain and walking away to catch another one. Those parts of the salmon contain the fat and that is all the male wants. The bears below the falls will catch what the male didn't want when it reaches them. And if anything is left after that the sea gulls will fight over it.

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