Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting A Tan

I took this photograph in July 2007 at Seward, Alaska from a small cruise ship.

The Harbor seal ofter called hair seals by Alaskan coastal residents because they are covered with short stiff bristled like hair. They are warm-blooded air breathing animals that reach weights of about 180 pounds. Males can live to about 26 years and females to about 32 years (I was going to comment here, but I will let it go). In Alaska waters they predominately eat walleye, pollock, Pacific cod and capelin.

They day we went on this cruise looking for sea life the waters were very ruff with high swailes. I had to take many shots of these guys just to get something half decent, the part of the boat I was on was moving up and down probably 10 feet. Note the large male laying in the center (I worked for a Battalion Chief that resembled this for a few years).

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