Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PRR 643

Like all boys young and old I love trains. Here the engineer is releasing the brakes on Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive 643 to begin one of its many passenger trips at the Williams Grove Steam Engine association show.

Every year around Labor day at Williams Grove Park just outside Mechanicsburg, Pa. the association holds there annual picnic that last about 10 days. The train runs non stop taking passengers for a short journey. There are tractor parades featuring John -Deere, Allis-Chalmers and many other types. And there is a number of steam tractors operating sawmills, thrashers and other vintage farm equipment.

Never go hungry as most the food is home made and worth the wait in line. Before going home it is always good to stop in the butcher shop and pick up some sausage and scrapple.

The show has been going on since 1959, they can be found at

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Brian Bastinelli said...

This is a great shot. The balance between what you see outside and what you see inside is nice.

There is enough detail outside to know what your looking at but not enough to distract you from the main focus of the shot, the engineer.

The exposure is pretty much spot on as well, balancing much the same way as the detail, bright enough inside to see the main subject but not too bright outside so as to be drawn away from the main subject.

I like the edge treatment as well. It feels right for this shot. It would look nice printed on water color paper.

In a perfect world... Just kidding...