Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes I know, More Whitetails From SNP...


At first I was going to apologize for posting Elk after Elk and then whitetail ofter whitetail, but then I realized that it was my blog and that is what I like to photograph and post. Besides I don't have anything else right now. But I will keep trying to mix things up once or twice a week. The photo is what it is, a nice doe posing behind a rock. The video last 29 seconds and is a nice 4X4 buck standing in tall brush. If you turn your volume up like last weeks video you can hear it raining and at one point you will hear the buck also. I don't think the video is soft, when viewing it larger it seems sharp but effected by the dense fog we had that day. Taking photos was almost impossible most of the time.

I recently picked up the November-December issue of Bugle magazine. If you get a chance to pick one up the cover shot is by Ronald "Buckwheat" Saffer and is a great shot of one of our local bulls. There is also a fitting tribute to the late Yellowstone icon bull elk number 6 entitled "Elvis Has Left the Building". The article is not very long but good with numerous photos of this famous bull.


Sparky said...

The way I look at it, it is your blog and you take the pictures. So that means what ever you put on here I will look at. I enjoy looking at this blog every day and think you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Oh I also enjoy the video's

Woody said...

I agree with Sparky, Keep up the good work!