Friday, December 11, 2009

More SNP Whitetail Videos...



A couple videos from SNP to end the week. The first one is the only one I took the first day when the weather was good, just playing around while waiting for something to happen, it last 29 seconds. The second one was taken during the heavy rain and fog the second day. It is nothing special but I like watching the young antlerless deer eating and watching the action, it last 22 seconds. My videos are kept short because at the present time I have nothing to edit them with. They are exactly as they came from the camera. In order to keep the size small enough to upload to blogger they need to be about 35 seconds or less. I still have allot to learn about shooting video with the DSLR and need hours of practice.


Jeff Sullivan said...

Brad, just got in and read your post. I called the Park Hotline and Skyline is open to the public. Saturday is your window. They also advise that Sunday will probably close due to forecasted snow/ice. Today was exceptional with mature bucks bedding in "bachelor groups" in the meadow to Milam.

Heather said...

Love the footage... we just watched Marty Stouffer's Wild America episode on SNP last night and I was so disappointed as they showed only a handful of deer. I was so disappointed, then to log on today and see you posted video just made my day! :)

Which camera did you shoot these with?

Brad Myers said...

Jeff, there is no way I could fit it into my schedule before next year at this point. I actually forgot they were open from 8 to 5 I knew they closed until January 2 to protect against poaching. It does sound like a good time to be there.

All the video was taken with the Nikon D90. It is a neat feature and the reason I purchased the 90 as my back up. I have only taken about an hour or so of footage so I need much more practice. I also need a video editor so I can think about making the cool things that Willard does. I would just hope they come out half as good. Hopefully Shane will start posting some video from our Thanksgiving trip there. When we go away lately I have been letting him shoot the 90 instead of the D70.