Thursday, December 3, 2009

Video Day, SNP...



No photographs today, at first I thought I needed to post a photo with the video but then I realized, these were taken with a DSLR. I had to set the white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed just as if I was taking a still. These were taken the second day of my trip to SNP, both give you an idea of the lighting conditions as it was raining and foggy. Both also show antlerless deer, the first being 32 seconds. It is nothing exciting but it does show and antlerless deer up close chewing gum. The second video last 38 seconds and shows three deer feeding. Sorry I did not have them all in the frame all the time, I was to close to make that happen with the lens I was using.

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Chuck said...

How far away from the deer were you when you shot the video?

Brad Myers said...

Chuck I didn't know you were still out there lurking. They were maybe 25 yards away.