Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back To Elk County...

I recently worked up a few photos from the Elk rut back in September to mix in with the whitetail photos from SNP. This bull was photographed on September 30, 2009 with the Nikon D90 (that's for you Heather for when you get your D90). Really how could this bull not be cool, he is bugling and has a small branch on his head. Once again I want to thank Willard and Coy, if it wasn't for there blogs I would have never started going to Benezette and SNP.

The weather won again like it has so many times this year. For months Shane and I planned on traveling to Benezette this week to photograph elk in the snow. Well last weeks rain put an end to that. I had a friend check the status of the weather for me on Sunday night and I found that the snow no longer exist in the area. They are to get lake effect snow later this week but with me heading back to work that will be no help. Our next plan was to go to Shenandoah for a couple of days and photograph the deer in the snow. Well they had the opposite problem, to much snow and skyline drive was closed. I did find that they opened it up today in the area we like but it was to late. We are still making the best of our time together during his Christmas break, a Washington Caps game Monday night, movie yesterday and we our trying our luck at the Conowingo dam today. With getting into working weekends it will mean I will make all those trips to catch the wildlife in the snow while they still have antlers without Shane.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the camera info Brad lol! It stinks that the weather didn't cooperate, there was very little snow for our trip as well but a few pictures had white backgrounds! We did have a very exciting trip nonetheless, I hope you can make it up there soon!