Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today’s post features none of my own photographs but photos of family members that have served in the armed forces. Being Veterans Day I would like to honor members of our family that served their country, many during times of war. This is not a complete list of family members that served, just the ones I know of. After attending the McBeth family reunion a few weeks ago I have learned that many more served as far back as the Civil War. In the future I plan to research each one at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle to learn more. I for one am proud of each and thankful that they along with all other veterans have done their part to keep this great country safe and free.

I have had issues getting the photos to enlarge unless I post them first with the text following. Therefore I am posting the information below numbered in order as the photographs appear above. Remember if you click on the photos they will get larger.

Photo 1, Charles W. Smith Jr. (My grandfather), U.S. Army Veteran, served in Europe during WW 2. I really miss you Pap.

Photo 2, John E. Cover, (My great, great uncle), U.S. Army Veteran of WW 2.

Photo 3, William A. Myers, (My great, great grandfather), Company K, 158Th Regiment, Pa. Volunteers, Civil War.

Photo 4, Ralph E. Hopkins Jr. (Linda’s father), Korean War Veteran, Icor Headquarters Company, 31st Division,2ND Battalion, Company E, while in the states.

Photo 5, Michael Herr, (Linda’s first cousin), U.S. Navy Veteran.

Photo 6, Steve Sipe, (My second cousin), Vietnam War Veteran.

Photo 7, John Lee Smith, (Brother of my great grandmother), WW 1 Veteran, 79Th Machine Gun Battalion in France. Killed in action June 23, 1918.

Photo 8, John L. McBeth, (Linda’s great uncle), WW 1 Veteran, Company H, 146Th Infantry Regiment, 37Th Division. Saw extensive action in France.

The following I have no photographs of at this time.
Charles McBeth, U.S. Navy Veteran.

John E. Foltz, (My great, great uncle), U.S. Army Veteran.

Irvin H. Foltz, (My great, great uncle), WW 2 Army Veteran.
Joel Myers, (Brother of William), Civil War Veteran.

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