Monday, November 19, 2007

The Many Faces of Firefighters Continued

Today will be the last installment on the many faces of firefighters, at least for now. It will be back in the future. As you can see firefighters do more than fight fires, there is training, fundraising events, musters, parades and much more. Firefighters also come in all shapes and sizes and colors, it doesn't matter what a firefighter looks like, it is what is in there heart.

In the top photograph three seasoned veterans take a moment to pose for a photo at the Pennsylvania Pump Primers Muster in 2005. From left to right is Charlie Westcott, Charlie has been a friend of mine for years. He is one guy that always brings a smile to my face. Charlie started his career in the 70's with the Union of Carlisle, he worked for the Government as a firefighter retiring last year from the Carlisle Army War College F.D., he remains an active member of the West End Fire and Rescue Company.

The other two jakes are Robert "Pete" Peterson and Randy Watts. Both of these men are active with the Union Fire Company of Carlisle. Like most of the older firemen in the county I have known these guys since I have been a child (I know that has been a long time). They have both served as county training coordinators and were instrumental in teaching me the basics as a young firemen, and for that I thank them both.

The second photo is Jared Fry of the West End Fire and Rescue Company, Shippensburg. The image was recorded as he took a break from a job in Shippensburg in 2006. I could say much more about Jared but I don't want to get him or I in any trouble, so I will just let you think up your own stories. The image of him has been worked to look like a water color. Photo three is of Harrisburg Fire Department Deputy Chief Tom Murray at the 2007 Harrisburg St. Patricks Day Parade. Tom started his career in the Shippensburg Fire Department like many other career firemen and officers. Photo four, oh I could say so much but I would get into more trouble than I would with Jared. This is the famous John Peskie, HFD Wagon 3, B Platoon. John is a former Chief of the Highspire Fire Company in Dauphin County. This image was recorded earlier this year as we were returning from a multiple alarm job in the reserve rig. It is always nice to be relieved on the scene by another platoon and leave the mess for them.

I am blessed with the opportunity to work as a career and volunteer with allot of good men. All these people are unique in there own way and make firefighting fun and interesting. They should just be thankful they have me to be the normal one of the bunch, I said that without laughing.


Chuck said...

You seem to like to take pictures of guys. Yet you claim to have a son.

What's that about?

Bradley Myers said...

Okay BGC now I am gonna have to drop the gloves. I bet the guys at Stallions like you in that uniform, LOL.

Chuck said...

Thanks BGB. Everyone loves a guy in uniform. Especially the gold badge. Just keep taking pictures of the "guys".