Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Many Faces of Firefighters

When looking at my site it is very obvious that I like to shoot wildlife, you do see a few fire shots and some random images thrown in. The other stuff I really just started to shoot within the last year in an attempt to become a better photographer and advance my skills (that are almost non existent) in post processing. Sometimes like yesterday I even like the results. Okay I was wondering around again, back to the subject. I really like to photograph fires and firefighters. When shooting firefighters I don't like them to know they are being photographed.

Next to my family firefighting has always been my number one love, especially as a volunteer. As a career firefighter we are stuck with managers that allow employees to get away with murder and only after a big blow up will they do anything. And it always involves punishing the innocent parties that do all the work for them. The volunteer leaders don't mind punishing the guilty parties on the spot. Hey I was wondering off there again, but it felt really good.

Over the next few days I will be posting photographs of firefighters in action, but not necessarily at fires. Some have been altered as with today's first photograph of Lt. Dick Perry of the West End Fire and Rescue Company, Shippensburg.Pa. That image was taken in July 2006 at a multiple alarm fire in Shippensburg and was converted to a colored pencil print. The second photo is of Dave Gilkey, Wagon 3, C Platoon, Harrisburg Fire Department, photo three shows Charlie Westcott, WEFR firefighter and Chief Jamie White of the Shippensburg Fire Department operating at the same fire as Lt. Perry. The last photo is of Charlie Zavrel and Brendon Booz both B Platoon of the HFD. It has been altered to look like a painting. The two along with there other class mates are learning to ventilate a roof as part of there firefighter II training. OH look at the time, I need to get to work, wouldn't want to be late.

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