Saturday, November 10, 2007

Through My Eyes…

In October the Harrisburg Fire Department trained at the HACC Public Safety Training Center performing rapid intervention team drills. I have been wanting to try taking photographs through our breathing apparatus face pieces to allow people the opportunity to see things the way we do. The image begins to capture that but just falls a little short. For those not in the fire service you begin to get the restricted vision, seeing the nose cup in the bottom and the rubber that runs around the other sides. You also see the flare on the mask lens that we get from lights, sun or anything bright. What you don't see is the scratches on the lens or the fog that builds up reducing our vision even more. This was my first try, and I am not satisfied with the results but I think I have learned what to try the next time. In the photo Captain Dave Eiceman enters the industrial side of the burn building in preparation of another run through. In the second photo Lt. Dennis Devoe takes time to reflect on his work as the arsonist.

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