Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Many Faces of Firefighters Continued

Today is part two of the many faces of firefighters. I will try and keep my opinion out of today's post and just stick to the firefighters themselves. The images from yesterday through tomorrow depict firefighters performing different aspects of there job.

In the top photo Lt. Will Skinner of the Paxtang Fire Company appears to of just got one over on someone to look at the smile on his face or he is about to. This photo was taken earlier this year at a bowling alley fire in Dauphin County. Will is also a fireman on Squad 8, B Platoon, Harrisburg. My condolences Will, dang there I go again, bad boy. The second photo is of Harrisburg Deputy Fire Chief Dan Soulier marching with the Emerald Society in last years holiday parade in Harrisburg. Photo three is of Danny and Jimmy Byers both active members of the Vigilant Hose Company in Shippensburg. Danny is the retired fire chief of the Letterkenny Depot Fire Department in Franklin County and Jim is a Chauffeur on an engine company (my condolences to you also, you may graduate to a truck some day) in Washington D.C. This photo was taken in the downtown district of Shippensburg in July 2006 as the two took a break from battling a multiple alarm fire. The last photo is Glen Sattizahn and Eric Nowlin in the third floor of a burnt out boarding house. They look like they just fought the good fight but in reality they are training on forcible entry as part of their apprenticeship program.


Wagon Master In Training said...

I knew that this picture of Dad and I was going to show up again. Brad, I had my chance to go to the truck, but the Ambo messed that up. I will say that my first fire in DC was on the truck, my last fire assigned to the backstep was on the truck and I got to tiller for 12 hours. Now, I have the "Most important" job in the fire service.

J.D. Byers
Wagon Driver
E18-4 DCFD

TJ Silverstrim said...

Sounds to me like a closet Truckie!

DCFD Truck 7 (G)

Bradley Myers said...

TJ I didn't know you were a truckie, that explains everything. Now I know someone else has my back.

Wagon Master In Training said...

The truck is only good for a couple of things in a firehouse.

1. Shorter watches
2. Someone to wsh the dishes after dinner
3. Take the Alpha and Bravo runs in the middle of the night.