Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Which Do You Like Best?

Both of these photographs are of the same 8 point deer taken last Wednesday at Shenandoah National Park. I spent the bulk of this day alone in the park searching for whitetail deer and hoping the weather would change. I did see some deer, maybe 25 or 30 and three bucks. This eight point was the nicest of the day. The weather didn't change, it rained all day, heavy fog had the meadows socked in and the wind was pretty strong. The weather was not good for still photography but videos do not come out bad so I took advantage of that feature on the Nikon D90, occasionally firing a few shots when it was clear enough to do so.

I find myself fixated on taking close up photos of wildlife when I am out. Often I forget about the big picture and only after looking at other blogs like Coy and Willard's do I realize I am missing out on other photographic opportunities. That brings me to this question, what do you prefer a full body shot like the first one or a close up like the second one? I like both but need to get more of the landscapes in when they contribute to the image. As for these two I like the first one better.


Woody said...

Both are great shots, but I think I would have to go with the top one...

Brian Bastinelli said...

I think I like the full body shot better.

For me the second one has two issues. The first is something I think we have talked about before with elk. I have a hard time making a nice close up portrait shot of deer or elk.

This image I think has the same issue that I usually deal with. the way it is framed looks like it could be a mounted head and shoulders that someone is holding.

Obviously its not but thats the feel it has for me, one I often get about my own elk images. Its like its in a strange in between land, not close enough maybe or not wide enough.

The second thing is that I fell cut off. Like something is missing from the image. Maybe a tighter crop and and a slight angle would help here.

The top image though is a nice environmental portrait and really just feels more comfortable from a visual standpoint. Nice looking buck.

So thats my two cents for what ever thats worth...

Oh don't for get to ask me what word the word verification asked me to spell. I'll have to tell you cause its not fit for the

Jeff Sullivan said...

Brad, in following your blog recently I've seen some phenomenal shots which in my eyes capture the mood, almost the emotion of the animal. In my many years of hunting experience I've always avoided eye contact with the buck I intend to harvest. I've taken time to look into the eyes of these bucks and realize each as an individual with dignity and character. I prefer no. 1. I did learn years past that "beautiful harmony" in nature doe not exist. I see the anomaly in the trunk of the hardwood probably caused by a virus, and the broken limbs. Your photo no. 1 captures the essence of life and challenges in the wild. I'm obviously not a photographer but these are professional quality.

sfriel said...

Brad, Both images are great. I as you know like the closeup. The fist image would be my choice because of the background a good portrayal of the habitat and you have eye contact. Image 2 head is turned away slightly. Great job on both.