Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Have Grass On My Head...

By now you should have guessed that there would be more Elk post. If you want to see something else contribute money to my get away and take other photos fund drive. Actually there is not a fund drive yet, but I can start one if anyone wants to donate. Lets see I would like to go to Canada, back to Alaska and Yellowstone, Maine and I could go on but I don't think it will help.

The top photo seems to warm for me but it was shot late evening with the sun coming right over my shoulder and everything was glowing gold that evening so it really is what we were seeing. With the golden yellow colors I did not know how to post process it. I kept going back and changing it over and over again until I got to the point that I felt happy with it. Of course now that I look at it I am not happy with it and felt I made it worse. Now I do not know if it looks green or yellow, I just know it is messed up. The video last 32 seconds and shows a calf eating while the cow grooms it, there is the occasional bugling in the background. If it looks a little strange it is because it was shot in fairly dense fog the last morning I was there.

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