Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Blogging World...

Today's photograph is the same eight point whitetail that was featured yesterday. I know I said yesterday that I also preferred the full view photo better but until I can keep reminding myself to take a step back and view the whole picture sometimes close ups is all I get. With this buck turning at the neck to view me from around the tree with his rain soaked coat I just liked the pose.

Today's post is about the blogging world and the friends you can make doing this. I have been lucky enough to photograph wildlife with some really good people I met by doing this and others I have known for years. Often I get to walk the camera with
Brian Bastinelli, Brian got me started on wildlife in the west and has past on allot of his photographic skills and Photoshop knowledge. Haney is another one I have shot with. I have known Haney since we were teenagers. Two other bloggers' I have spent time with is Rich Bistline and Woody Woodward. Now if Rich would get back to keeping his blog up. Last February I had the opportunity to photograph birds in Florida with Klauss. Klauss is an excellent photographer and was more than happy to show me around a few places in Florida that I will be going back to often. Because of others that I will mention shortly I have had the chance to meet and shoot with people like Buckwheat, Steve Friel, Henry Pierce, Andy, Carl Eckstien, Bob Shank and Billy Cromwell. There has been countless others that I have met in Yellowstone that are good people and share the same love of wildlife. I also get to meet people that are not there for the photography experience but are there for other reasons. One such person was Jeff Sullivan last week at SNP. Jeff is there as a contractor but it was obvious he shared the same love of wildlife that we did. He took the time to speak to a number of the Pa. posse and even offered to do me a favor on the last day that I will not mention to keep him out of trouble. I do thank you for the offer and hope when I get back your are still there working. If not maybe I will run into you someplace else while enjoying wildlife.

Two in particular I met doing this stand out more so in there love of wildlife and knowledge of them and photography, is brothers
Willard and Coy Hill. After viewing there sites in amazement of the excellent wildlife photos and knowledge of the subject I emailed Willard a few times and began to get the impression that I knew him. He got me started on going to Benezette and this last August I finally got the chance to meet him. Willard was very helpful showing my son and I around places to go off the beaten path to photograph the Elk. During the rut this year he introduced me to more of his friends and showed me a great time that will be repeated for years to come. This past week I got to photograph whitetail with him at SNP. While there I got to meet his brother Coy for the first time. Both men are from small rural areas like me and share the same interest in wildlife. With any luck I will get to share more memorable experiences with them in Benezette and SNP. Photography is a fun and rewarding experience that can also lead to new friendships.

Of course I can't forget my favorite fellow blogger and son
Shane, and did I tell you it is Thursday and he has a new post for you to visit.


Haney said...

Bradley, Getting out with another person who enjoys photography makes the whole experience better. I've learned things that would have taken me forever to figure out on my own. And to answer yesterday's question... I like today's picture the best. Show his character. (ps... my word verification is pyro mob? where do they get those words?)

David Drufke Photography said...

Love the pose!!

Elk Scenic Drive said...

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bobshank said...

Brad, I couldn't agree with you more about the wonderful opportunities we have to meet so many other fantastic people through the blogging world and out on the elk range. It is so exciting! Like you, I look forward to many years of photographing wildlife and other photogenic subjects with people like you. Great blog post and I really love your photo of that buck!

Willard said...

Hi Brad,

I really like the pose. It is very dramatic.

Thanks for the kind words and I agree that it is great to meet so many other wonderful people who are interested in our great wildlife heritage.

In the same vein, after exchanging comments and e-mails it seemed that I had known you a long time, when we actually met in Benezette.

It is amazing how blogging can allow people of similar interest from all around the world to share photos and experiences.